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Does AeroCITY only provide services in Madrid?

At present, AeroCITY operates in Madrid Area to/from Madrid Barajas Adolfo Suarez airport, in Barcelona area (City and surroundings including Costa Brava) to/from Barcelona El Prat Airport, Alicante area (city and Costa blanca, including Benidorm) to/from Alicante-Elche Airport and Malaga area (city and Costa del Sol). However, in cooperation with "Ares Móbile" company, we offer chauffeured vehicle rental services under the "Ares Móbile" brand throughout Spain and the world"s main cities. Please visit www.aresmobile.comUp

I need to be picked up from outside of the city of Madrid, can I contract the AeroCITY service?

This service covers a wide geographical area. However, if your pick-up or destination point is outside of it, our company offers, in cooperation with "Ares Móbile" Company, chauffeured vehicle rental services which cover all of Europe: please visit our partner

What time do the vehicles leave the airport?

The AeroCITY service is not a regular service with predetermined departure and arrival times, rather it is an “on-demand” service, in which the user decides when and where to be taken. We inform you that our rates are slightly increased for night services. All services from and to the airport, between 22:00 and 06:00 will have that extra charge applied. For further information, please contact our customer service and bookings team +34 917477570.Up

Can AeroCITY take me to the door of my hotel or place of residence?

Yes, it is a “door to door” service, unless due to reasons of physical accessability for vehicles, it is not possible to reach the point of origin or destination of each service.Up

What are the booking and service opening hours?

You can make a booking 24 hours per day, every day of the year. However, we recommend that you book as far in advance as possible in order to guarantee the availability of the service. In addition, our vehícles are available to render services 24 hours per day, all year round. However, the availability of vehicles during the night may be limited, and as such we kindly ask you to book as far in advance as possible.Up

How many items, and what dimensions, of luggage can I take?

The rate includes the transportation of one item of luggage and one item of hand luggage per person. Each aditional item of luggage will incur an extra charge that shall be paid directly to the chauffeur. If each passenger is carrying more than one additional item of luggage, or an oversized item of luggage, such as bicycles, surfboards, skis, etc, the “Express” service should be contracted. In addition, the customer is the sole responsible of her/his luggage and personal belongings during the service. Drivers won´t take any responsabilities whatsoever. Drivers will be responsible of placing the luggage in the vehicle only in the case that the doors are locked, otherwise, they won´t be allowed to get out of the vehicle.Up

Can I take pets?

Yes, provided that they are placed in the boot inside regulation boxes that are of a size that can fit in. In this case, the “Express” service should be contracted.Up

What is the difference between a non-exclusive and an “express” service?

Customers who contract an “Express” service shall have private use of the vehicle and a direct route to their destination. In other cases, a non-exclusive contract means that the vehicle can make up to a maximum of 3 stops on route to the customer's destination, and that the customer shall travel in the vehicle with other people, who have a similar point of origin and/or destination.Up

Where will I get picked up at the airport?

Clients with a service reservation must go to our stands located on each terminal of the airports in Madrid (T1 - Arrivals, in front of the Exit 2, T2 - Arrivals, between Exits 5 and 6, and T4 - Arrivals, to the right of the exit 10, at the end of the corridor once passed the coffee shop), and in Barcelona (T1, in the touroperators area). Our staff at the stands will contact our main office and order a driver that will come to pick you up at the airport with a maximum wait of 30 mins. If you have not booked the service previously, you can always call us once upon arrival to the phone +34 902 15 16 54 where our multilingual customer service staff will assist you 24/7 365 days. NOTE 1: In both cases, you´ll be asked to submit your credit card information as guarantee for the service and you may choose at its end, whether to pay cash to the driver or to have the service charged in your credit card.Up

What happens if my flight is delayed?

You must notify us once you are informed of the delay, in order to avoid undesired charges due to this reason. Our booking staff shall take note of the delay and try to reorganise your pick-up.Up

How far in advance should I depart for the airport?

Our company follows the recommendations of AENA and the relevant airlines. Consequently, you should arrive at the airport at least one hour before your flight, if your flight is a national one, and two or three hours before your flight if it is an international flight, depending on the destination. The duration of the route between the pick-up point and the airport shall depend on the distance to be travelled, the time and date of the service and whether the service rendered is non-exclusive or “Express”. The pick-up times desired by customers must always be confirmed by our company, in order to guarantee your arrival at the airport in sufficient time.Up

What happens if I need to cancel the service?

Customers that have to cancel a service must contact our central booking office. You can contact us by calling +34 902 15 16 54. We are at your service 24 hours per day. For cancellations received in writing in advance of more than 24 hours of service provision, no amount will be charged and we will refund to the Customer the full amount paid. In advance cancellations received more than 12 hours and less than 24 hours, 50% will be charged as expenses of cancellation. On cancellations received 12 hours or less, our company shall not refund any amount paid.Up

How can I contact AeroCITY?

Visit our website at, and you will find all the information you need.Up

What happens if my flight is delayed?

If your flight is delayed, contact us by calling from any public telephone at 902 15 16 54 from any other telephone. We are at your service 24 hours per day. You can also contact our offices located in terminals T1, T2 and T4 of Madrid-Barajas Airport, between 07.30am and 01.00amUp

What happens if I need to change my booking?

If you need to make a change in your booking, contact our central booking office. You can contact us by calling +34 902 15 16 54 from any telephone. We are at your service 24 hours per day.Up

Can I change the point of destination at the last minute, upon arrival at the Airport?

You can do so by calling 902 15 16 54 from any telephoneUp

How far in advance do I need to make my booking?

We recommend that you book as soon as possible.Up

Are there seats available for children under the age of 12?

We provide seats for children upon prior request. (This extra service is submitted to units available in that moment). Passengers travelling with children, must book an Express service.Up

What types of vehicles are used?

We have a wide range of vehicles, and can provide you with minivans as well as minibusses of different capacities, depending on your requirements.Up

If the number of people requiring the service increased at the last minute, how far in advance would I need to notify you of this?

If the number of people increases, we kindly ask you to contact us by calling 902 15 16 54 from any telephone, in order to provide you with the vehicle that meets your requirements.Up

What is the maximum number of passengers that Aerocity can be contracted for?

The Express service would need to be contracted if there are more than 7 people. For up to 14 people, 2 Express services would be necessaryUp

Can the Aerocity service take me to any destination I choose?

The Aerocity service has some geographical restrictions, if your point of origin or destination is outside of the area covered, you must contact our partner Ares Móbile at